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bridal_4 Bachelorette
Your time has come! The lingerie you're wearing for every facet of your wedding has a lot to do with pleasing you, making you feel sophisticated, presentable and sexy: what you wear under the dress must match the elegance of your wedding day, wedding night and honeymoon — uh, also you want to please the new hubby!
The bachelorette party is the time to focus singularly on you and what makes you feel good. You should be stepping out with the girls locked and loaded, ready to rock the night.
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Be the talk of the town on your special night by trying out the bold inner/outerwear trend. What you would normally wear in the bedroom, take out for a night on the town. Bustiers, bodysuits, crop tops, slips and dresses, tap shorts, and thin rompers are all fair game here. Go for bold prints, and delicate and silky fabrics. The key here is to balance the elegant with the sexy for a unique combo that will have all your girls raving — literally.

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