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bridal_6 Under the Dress
Don't stress choosing your bridal lingerie. Remember that your lingerie must make you feel as beautiful and sexy and as elegant as your wedding dress. It must give you a powerful, womanly feeling. Underneath and out of site, your lingerie is your secret, sexy support. From the basics to the bodacious;
Here is your complete guide to every stage of (un)bridled dress.
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Getting Ready: Slippers and Robe

It's finally the day, the one you (we know it's cliche, but you know it's true) have dreamt of since childhood. Without a doubt, you're going to want to spend as much time as possible getting pampered with your girlfriends. As the lady of the next few hours, you deserve to be made up in style — and comfort. Let's face it, while that dress may be beautiful, it isn't exactly comfortable. Treat yourself to the silkiest of robes and the fuzziest of slippers on this very special morning.

Certain Dresses Don't Require a Bra

On most days, bras do wonders for our lady lumps, but what’s the function of the bra on the wedding day? Usually, bras are worn to dress shopping and fittings. After the final fitting, a bra should be built into your dress. However, for some dresses and for some budgets, this may not be the case. You should then consider a bra, bustier or corselette as a good bridal option. They'll lift, support, tuck, and cinch and do wonders for your posture all at once.

Dress with Straps (Classic Bra)

If you're keeping yourself even relatively covered, then we recommend sticking with what you know best: your basic bra. Just because it's basic doesn't mean it shouldn't be fabulous. It should have minimal wiring and boneing. That is both for comfort reasons and because you want the least lining showing through your dress.

Backless Dress

Navigating the backless dress can be an ordeal fraught with terror. With this style, gravity works against you. Luckily, there are bras out there that can help both support, and cover up, with minimal lining. Also, consider that some shapewear ends right at your belly — a tummy-tucker of sorts. It will define your natural, beautiful curve and nip you right where you need it. Your wedding photos will thank you.

Strapless Dress

Strapless wedding dresses are still the most popular choice, a smooth, completely unadorned strapless bra in a light shade of nude is your best bet. Seamless styles with a light lining of silicone strips on the inside help to keep the bra in place and invisible under the dress. This is where a bustier or corselet may be an option to consider. It will structure, cinch, and boost your bust to perfection. They also add a touch of retro romance with their elongated shape, structure, and boneing.

The Bottom Line

Here's the real bottom line: you don't want any lines showing through on the day of your wedding. Most importantly: you don't want any embarrassing panty lines. It's time to kick the cotton knickers and the granny panties, and go for something a little more bare-bottom. Feeling good is essential. Chose wisely: a panty that fits well, makes you feel sexy, and keeps those lines to a literal bare-minimum.


Thongs are ideal for most dresses, especially if they are narrow or fitted, or if the fabric of your dress is even slightly clingy (like a silk, or a thin cotton.) However, if you need more than a piece of dental floss, then a nude, seamless thong with a slightly high waist and coverage on the hips can be comfortable and slimming.


We all know the tradition of wearing a garter underneath your wedding dress and the tradition of your groom throwing it to his unmarried male guests. So it makes sense that this piece of lingerie is extra special. Hopefully, it will be the only piece that all your guests will see. Try not to go for something too sexy. Save that for your wedding night. Instead, keep this garment in line with the theme of the rest of your wedding dress: simple and elegant.


You have enough stress planning out your dress as well as what goes underneath it. Accessories do matter on your big day. They add to the glamour of walking down the aisle. Sparkle! Shine! Captivate the room! With so many options out there, it's understandably difficult to pick the right ones. Try a headpiece that matches the innocence and perfection of your dress, choose a perfume that is subtle yet deliciously fragrant. Chose jewels that appear understated, but will make your guests gasp with their beauty. There may seem like a whole world of options, but like your hubby -- you'll find the right one.

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