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bridal_7 Wedding Night
It's Your Wedding Night. Bring the sexy on. Even if you've lived together for twenty years, there is still something exciting about your first night together as Mr. & Mrs. It's a unique moment in your history as a couple. Celebrate and do your part to make this moment memorable for both you and your partner.
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Something Unexpected

When we buy lingerie we typically think about the item’s functionality: does this bra work under X, Y and Z? Put that thinking aside for your wedding night. This is not the moment to be practical. Treat your wedding night lingerie like your wedding gown: totally fabulous, completely frivolous and to be worn only once.

The wedding night is the time to break out something special and totally unexpected. If your standard of sexy is pretty white lingerie, then go the opposite direction. Slip on something sheer, in a bold, hot color. Surprise your partner, and you'll definitely be getting a few surprises in return.

And Maybe Some Basics

Or you can play it safe and sweet. Make your wedding night the definition of "making love." For that to be possible, you should be at your most comfortable. Go with what you know and what makes you feel good. Whether it be sheer blacks or lacy whites, you should choose with your heart. You know, kinda the same way you picked your husband.

Peignor and Robe

When you're not in bed with the new hubby (and, let's face it, we all get a little tired after a while) you're gonna need something to cover up. But hey, it doesn't have to be a complete head-to-toe. It's still your wedding night after all, and even when you're getting up in the morning, you're still going to want to look irresistible. For robes, try short silks in both light and dark colors. Or chose a larger robe called a peignor. Keep with the same skin-grazing, light, lacy fabric idea, and you should be all set.


Think of a chemise as a go-between "nothing-left-to-the-imagination" lingerie and the robe/peignor. Use it as a slip before and after the festivities begin. Accordingly, you should be trying to choose solid, innocent colors: light purples, or unassuming blacks. He should be left guessing what's underneath.

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