A Brief Analysis


A Brief Analysis

Story by Emily L. Friendship
Photography by Torkil Gudnason
Exclusive for oui hours gmt

If the particulars of the personality were written in a brief, what would yours say about you?

In Andy Warhol’s collection of riffs and reflections, titled THE PHILOSOPHY OF ANDY WARHOL, Warhol is quoted as saying, “my favorite thing to buy is underwear. I think buying underwear is the most personal thing you can do, and if you could watch a person buying underwear you would really get to know them. I mean, I would rather watch somebody buy their underwear than read a book they wrote.”

Well, if he were to watch me, I fear he’d think me an unadventurous prude. But the truth is, according to research, my white cotton Monday-thru-Sunday briefs speak of my strength, confidence and determination, and the cheeky little bow on the waistband divulges the fact that underneath all that, I am playful and fun-loving at heart.


In an interview for Modern Man, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, clinical psychologist, wardrobe consultant and author of the book, YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR, explains that those who prefer simple white cotton briefs tend to be the low-maintenance types, whose self-confidence affords them the freedom to undress without frills.
Emma Pritchard, fashion stylist to the elite, suggests that the low-rise, flesh-color thong is the undergarment of choice for the fashion-forward, detail-oriented woman. The cheese-string, leopard-print variety, which has a reputation for creeping up over the waistband and hanging itself over the love handles, is less indicative of perfectionism and more, exhibitionism.
The tanga in contrast, is said to be the go-to style of panty for the woman who walks the line between practicality and sexiness. Covering a little more of the backside, the tanga is a hybrid of bikini and thong. It exhibits the right amount of cheek, all the while maintaining a sense of propriety and feminism.


On the other end of the skivvy spectrum is the demure boy-short. Women who stock their drawers with this style of brief tend to be modest in nature but active in life. I’m about as active as a tortoise but I own a few pairs of boy shorts that I lounge in. I love them because they don’t ride up and are about the most flattering frame for the butt cheek.

My underwear drawer is actually stocked with a wealth of style; I’m somewhat of a spiritual chameleon, you see. But when it comes to color, my collection is abashedly rather mono in tone. However, studies suggest that the black in my grey color scale conveys not a macabre sensibility, but both courage and ambition. And the white: a sense of calm and a need for organization, where I’d always assumed I was simply a zebra in my last life.
For those of you with a kaleidoscope of color in your drawers drawer, here’s what the your rainbow says about you:


Red: The crowning color of the rainbow and a symbol of power, energy and action.
On a side note: researchers have found that, not unlike the old “red rag to a bull” myth, men are predisposed to the color red. It works as a stimulant; boosts arousal; and ignites the “give chase” instinct.

Yellow: Of the entire spectrum of colors, yellow is said to be indicative of analytical and logical mindedness.  Though the color yellow is associated oftentimes with optimism and adventure, its advocates tend to be fundamentally practical in nature.

Pink: The color famously associated with love and nurturing is also said to represent the tenderness and innocence of one’s inner child. Wear pink with a splash of red on those occasions you need to communicate passion for something.

Green: A color composed of optimistic yellow and emotionally calm blue. Green represents equilibrium and balance. Enthusiasts tend to be the quietly observant and deliberative types but are naturally generous with their time and love.

Purple: If you’re a purple panty person, you are likely also creative by nature and spiritually attuned. The color purple is said to inspire ideals and stimulate the imagination.

Orange: The social butterfly of the rainbow, orange is a hue that suggests a fun and exuberant personality. If your corset is coral color or tanga, tangerine, you likely enjoy a challenge, and make a very good friend.

Blue: Lovers of blue are generally an emotionally stable and peaceful bunch. They are those you can most comfortably relax with because, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia, the color blue is soothing and reassuring. It is also the go-to color for court-appearances as it is said to signify “truth”.

With all this in mind, I think it’s safe to say that no purchase can be considered frivolous because all choices are indeed deemed to be motivated by internal factors, be they the style you’re instinctually drawn to, which is said to correlate with personal values, or the color, which reflects your state of mind.


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