The Complete Guide To Throwing a Lingerie Shower

The Complete Guide To Throwing a Lingerie Shower

THE LINGERIE SHOWER: The sophisticated alternative to either the Bachelorette Party or Bridal shower; gives a bride the chance to let loose in an elegant and sexy way.


A lingerie shower is a perfect opportunity to invite close girlfriends to party and let
loose. So, better to steer clear of inviting close relatives or in-laws! Let her create
her preferred guest list and stick to it!

Easiest: Use a Google document or Microsoft Excel then she shares it with the maid of
honor or host of the party.


First impressions are the most memorable. That goes for invitations, too. Make it an
unforgettable one! Use a lingerie shower template or design your very own. Go old
school and mail invites made by Etsy or Or use one of our customizable
e-vites with Paperlesspost. The invites are fully trackable, showing you exactly who
opened it and has yet to respond; perfectly organized for her inner bridezilla.

*Note: The invitation should reflect the spirit of the party and the bride-to-be!


There are a few ways to ensure the honoree is showered with gorgeous gifts she’ll
actually wear.
Click here for the complete guide to showing up with the perfect gift.


Set the mood for the party! Etsy has great shower décor that you can buy, or shop just
to get inspired!

Click here for the complete guide to your party decor essentials.


This is not the time for erotic lollipops & candies – try the more elegant treat with
bra/panty/diamond ring shaped cookies instead. Cupcakes, cake-pops & strawberries
work great here! As for the main dish – try meal kit delivery services to save time. Find
the right menu delivered right to your doorstep! For delicious starters, check out hor
d’oeuvres made by William Sonoma or, or to cater the whole meal try

What’s a party without drinks? Never go dry with website likes Drizly & Minibar that deliver all the liquor you need right to the door in under an hour!


There’s gonna be pictures so you wanna look fab! The attire should be cohesive with
the theme of the party, which will tie everyone’s outfit to together! Have everyone
show up in cute pajama sets, matching rompers, or something all lace, etc. When the
guests arrive in playful outfits, they’ll feel more relaxed and less tense – leading to a
more fun night for everyone!


Lingerie showers aren’t all about embarrassing the bride. The games should be
exciting but not too raunchy – keep the games fun and lighthearted!

Check out our list of games that everyone will enjoy!

Remember, any bridal event is about making the bride-to-be happy. Use these tips to
bring together a night she will definitely enjoy!