Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf

Famed artist Kenny Scharf has hand painted a wearable piece of art that will travel the globe in search of fun partakers.

  • Photography by Torkil Gudnason
  • Exclusive for oui hours gmt

KENNY SCHARF, Iconic American Painter and great pal of mine, responded to my recent request to paint a bra for OuiHours by creating a masterpiece.  In anticipation of its big debut, this work of art has made a handful of special appearances and is already causing quite a stir. Housed in a luxurious lavender OuiHours box, the one of a kind lingerie piece begs to be admired and so it is, by all those who are afforded the opportunity to lock eyes with it.

And soon that opportunity may be extended to you. As this piece of art prepares to step into the spotlight, we are working to create a showcase like no other. In the coming weeks, the wonderfully decorated bra will be dispatched to a select OuiHours fan, who will have an exclusive window of opportunity to showcase the masterpiece in unique and imaginative ways via social media, before turning it over to its next fan. We are excited and curious to see how inventive our participants will be, given Kenny has set the bar pretty high.