Lauren Garrison

Lauren Garrison

Oui Women

  • Photographed By: Conor Doherty
  • Exclusive for oui hours gmt

Did someone spot you and tell you that you could be a model?
Yes! I was watching the US Open surf competition in Huntington Beach when I was spotted by an agent at Ford Models. I went to their office in LA the following week and they signed me on the spot.

Since social media do you think women are more comfortable being photographed in lingerie?
I think so, social media has allowed all types of woman to express themselves and feel sexy on public platform.

What are your favorite brands?
Radiohead, Jane’s Addiction, & Erykah Badu

What do you do when you get hit on by men…or women?
I know sign language, so if I get hit on while walking around New York I usually start signing to them!

Career Plans?
I’m at school studying neuroscience, so definitely look towards a career in that field

Conor Doherty

Who are your photo heroes?
Then: Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts
Now: Alexi Lubormirski, Eugenio Recuenco

What sets you apart in the photo world?
I’m a chameleon. Everyone wants to specialize and own a niche – a particular look that they’re known for and that they do well, but part of what I love about photography is the challenge of using completely new and different approaches to create different moods and tell different stories depending on who/what I’m shooting. natural light, artificial light, locations, studio, film, digital; I love it all.

What do you find sexy in a woman to photograph?
Confidence and personality. It’s easy to shoot a woman in a sexy or provocative pose with her head back and her mouth open, but it’s lifeless, dull and boring, and frankly over-done. I think when you capture some personality it adds tremendous sex appeal because it makes the image viewing experience feel more intimate in an emotional way. The lingerie wardrobe already creates a feeling of physical intimacy so I focus on trying to show some confidence and personality be it funny & playful or cruel & cold it ads a level of sexiness.

Your photos are sexy by nature. Does that come naturally to you?
Yes, but it didn’t used to. Years ago when I was starting out I did some swimwear and lingerie shoots, and the imagery was fine, but it felt flat & boring, I was leaving out thee personality & the confidence that allow for a deeper connection to the image and thus a more interesting picture to look at.