Sex, Life, and Lingerie with Loni Venti

Sex, Life, and Lingerie with Loni Venti

This blonde bombshell writer tells us about beauty, make-up, lingerie, herself, oh, and Marilyn Monroe.



MODEL:  LONI VENTI · @loniventi

Loni Venti writes and edits articles about beauty and lifestyle for some of the leading print and digital platforms, including Glamour, Allure, Teen Vogue, Redbook and many more. Perhaps our favorite is her piece in Cosmopolitan, I Lived as Marilyn Monroe for a Week.

She has been described as a woman of “bombshell beauty and pinup glamour” and we certainly agree!

What made you start writing about beauty for magazines?

I’ve always loved makeup and the idea of glamour. Especially old school Hollywood glamour (a la Marilyn Monroe or pinup art). Plus I was a makeup artist in high school and I studied creative writing in college. Working as a beauty editor brought all the things I loved together.


Do women care that certain products have been around for a long time, which proves their efficacy, or are they ‘just gimme the new stuff?’

I think there are three types of beauty consumers: those who love the tried-and-true classics, those who stalk blogs and YouTube in search of the next new thing, and those who are a blend. I’m definitely the latter. I have a signature look I wear everyday (winged liner and red lipstick) but I love experimenting with new textures (like velvet liquid lipsticks), tools (like airbrush makeup and calligraphy eyebrow pens), and treatments (I’m obsessed with microcurrent facials).


Is it hard not to walk down the street seeing how most people look without being a secret critic? 

I try not to judge, as I don’t want to be judged myself! But it’s always tough to ignore if someone doesn’t blend their foundation well or spritzes on a little too much fragrance, right?

How did it feel to be shooting in lingerie?

I felt naked, literally and figuratively. I rarely even wear bikinis in public, so baring my bod to a photog and virtually the world is very out of my comfort zone. I was terrified to step out in the first look. But by our third outfit (if you can call these “outfits”?!) and with a little Prosecco confidence, I started really having fun with it.


In light of your admitted insecurities (which probably all women have), what makes you feel sexy and confident?

Aesthetically, red lipstick, winged liner, and killer heels make me feel like a bombshell. But to push a bit deeper, I’m my most confident when I do my own thing and don’t try to compete with anyone else. In my teens and early 20s I tried really hard to fit in and always fell short. Once I discovered my signature style and really started to own my quirks and uniqueness, I felt much more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve always found individuality to be very sexy.


Do you see make-up/fashion as a mask or more of way to express your true self?

I’d lean more towards self expression, but really I think of it as war paint. When my face is on point, I’m ready to handle shit!


What do you love about the oui hours?

I think Marilyn said it best: “Who said night were for sleep?” I’ve been nocturnal my whole life. Even as a kid I couldn’t fall asleep until way after midnight. The “oui hours” are mysterious, weird, and pretty magical. I’ve heard that nothing good happens after 2AM, but I strongly disagree. When my husband and I first started hanging out, we would walk the streets of Manhattan all night long almost until the sun came up. During that time of the night the city was so quiet and dreamy. It still gives me butterflies.


Can you choose maybe 3-5 OuiHours pieces that really evoke your favorite era/style?

I loved the lace up black piece I wore. I’d never have picked it out for myself so I’m glad Marc did. I decided to switch it around and wear the tie in the back like a corset (for a more vintage vibe), but it’s so beautiful when tied up front too.


Loni Venti
Loni Venti