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A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie

A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie

A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie

Show her you really know her with our quick cheat sheet.

Photograph by Nomi Ellenson

You’d love to buy her something sexy and luxurious. But choosing delicate undies for her may feel like walking through a minefield: one wrong step and the whole thing blows up in your face.
Yes, you want to get her something perfect, but just the idea that you’re thinking of her is perfection in itself.

Even the most attractive, confident and sexy woman may focus too much on her ‘flaws’ and forget that, to you, she’s the most beautiful woman alive. Props to you for wanting to buy her lingerie and celebrate her gorgeousness. We’re here to help.

Of course you’d like something you want to see her in, but if it’s too gimmicky or plain uncomfortable she’ll wear it for you, but it won’t leave the drawer more than a few times a year.

. The key is to choose something that’ll let her know you think she’s special but will also be comfortable. Many women are so hung up about body image that they don’t realize that, to the men who love them, they are hot, hot, hot. So if you bought her a juicer last year, this is the time to go all out and show her how she looks in your eyes.

. It’s a hell of a lot easier if you know her sizes. Start by looking in her lingerie drawer. Bras, panties, etc. should all have a tag with sizes. There might be some lingerie lying on the floor after your last night of passion. Pick it up and take a look at the sizes. Bra sizes have both a number and a letter. The number is the band size; the letter is the cup size. To buy her a bra, you need both. Panties may be either in numerical sizes or a range, from XS-XXL.

  • Hesper Fox

    Charleston Kitsune


  • Hesper Fox

    Charleston Astrid


  • Kent Woman

    Biff The Slip


  • Bracli

    Pearl Satin Babydoll


. OK, you’ve got her sizes. Now, what to buy? The good news is you can never go wrong with materials that are silky or smooth like satin. It feels as delicious against her skin as it will when you run your hands down her body. Lace is luxurious as well as sexy.

  • Bijoux Indiscrets

    Anna Mask


  • Maison Close

    Armee de Sens Triangle Bra


  • Maison Close

    Armee de Sens Skirt with Suspenders


  • Hesper Fox

    Endymion Robe


. What specific items to buy. A bra and matching panties is always good. Especially if it’s something luxurious that she might not buy for herself. Get a little adventurous. Buy her a sexy thong and matching bra. Some women have never worn a thong and assume it’ll be uncomfortable. Let her try it out on your dime. You may both be pleasantly surprised.

  • Nevaeh Intimates

    Nevaeh Intimates Embroidered Tulle Wrist Cuffs


  • Bijoux Indiscrets

    Kissable Body Powder Aphrodisia


  • Manito Silk

    Short Silk Gown


  • Voluspa

    Japonica Limited Large French Cade & Lavender Glass Candle


. Lingerie doesn’t stop at bras and panties. There are luxurious, sensuous items like camisoles, babydolls, and rompers (a hot new thing). Make her swoon. Make yourself swoon buying her silky or satiny sleepwear! As a bonus, many are sized small, medium and large, helpful if don’t know her specific size. It may not be the naughtiest present on earth, but many women hesitate to spend a lot on sleepwear. A special gift like this will be really appreciated and reciprocated.

  • Carol Workinger

    White Pearl Stirrup Earrings


  • Bijoux Indiscrets

    Twenty One Vibrating Diamond


  • Imperial Yucatan Honey

    Yucatan Honey


  • Thistle & Spire

    Eyelash Lace Mirage Thong


. A note on color: these days, lingerie comes in an inconceivable range of colors. Choose a fantastic color that you like and that’s flattering to her coloring. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with black. It looks great on everyone.

. Let’s get down and dirty. Only you know how…um…interesting your sex life is. If you (and she) are up for adventure, OuiHours carries a tangy but tasteful line of accessories that might make this the best Valentine’s Day of your lives.

  • Recliner NYC

    Sleeping Pills Long Kimono Robe


  • Thistle & Spire

    Eyelash Lace Mirage Bra


  • Attache Moi Parfums

    Attache Moi


  • Bijoux Indiscrets

    Kissable Body Powder



So, what have you learned?

1. Lingerie lets her know you think she’s sexy and beautiful.
2. Find out her sizes and you’re golden, but even without them there’s lots of beautiful lingerie to choose from.
3. Black is the new (and old) black.
4. Treat her to something she might not buy for herself.
5. If at a loss, gowns and robes are a safe option.
6. Remember #1.


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