A Conversation With the Lingerie Addict

A Conversation With the Lingerie Addict

OuiHours Talks With Cora Harrington, the Lingerie Addict




Cora Harrington is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the popular blog, The Lingerie Addict . Born of her love for lingerie, she has been enlightening and informing other lingerie addicts since 2008. Cora says, “I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it’s become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.”


What started your lingerie addiction?

I first became interested in lingerie when, during a relationship, I wanted to buy something special to share with my then-boyfriend. I was just beginning to get a little bit of disposable income and also just beginning to acquire a real interest in fashion, and was interested in the idea of lingerie as exploration of my sexuality and identity (though I wouldn’t have put it in those words at the time).

How did Lingerie Addict begin? What was your intention?

TLA began because, even though I was interested in lingerie, I wasn’t able to find anyone writing product reviews or giving advice on how to buy it. While there were a few lingerie blogs at the time, there was no information on where to shop, which brands were worth the money, and even how items were sized. My blog started as a way to just review products I bought or share items I was interested in buying. I didn’t expect anyone to read it, but it turns out a lot of people were looking for exactly that kind of content.

What do you see as The Lingerie Addict’s prime mission/focus?

We think of lingerie as fashion. It’s not just about sexy boudoir lingerie, but a way for a woman to express herself. With so many options out there, all women can find lingerie that makes them feel good, feel confidant. We tell the story of lingerie.

We also try to make the lingerie industry more transparent. There’s a certain opaqueness regarding how bras are made, for instance. Women may be opposed to spending a lot of money on expensive lingerie. We try to help them understand what goes into the design and construction, why some pieces may be worth the money.

Did you meet any pushback writing an entire blog about lingerie? What kind of initial feedback did you get?

No. People who arrive at The Lingerie Addict embrace it and its mission, and even when I told my friends and family about TLA eventually, they were happy for the blog’s success.

How has the site grown and changed throughout the years?

The site has grown tremendously over the years, and all through word of mouth, which is something I’m incredibly proud of and grateful to TLA’s readers for. The Lingerie Addict started as a hobby. There was no huge launch or press release, and we certainly didn’t have the industry’s backing or endorsement. Now, The Lingerie Addict is the largest lingerie blog in the world with around half a million views per month.

What’s next for The Lingerie Addict?

I’m expanding into video and podcasting so that we can reach all readers, with content packaged in different ways so that visitors can take in information in the way best suited to them.

How much a role does body image play in the way women chose their lingerie?

Well, I think it’s impossible to make a general statement about all women, their body image, and how they choose lingerie. I will say that TLA tries to make the world of lingerie accessible to as many people as possible, whether that’s on the axis of size, race, or sexuality. There’s this idea that you can’t wear lingerie or you don’t deserve nice lingerie unless you happen to look like a supermodel. And that’s not true at all. There’s something for everyone, and you deserve beautiful lingerie for yourself.

Personally, just between us (and all our readers), what are your very favorite pieces in your lingerie wardrobe?

I have a silk velvet Layneau dressing gown that I adore. I rarely wear it (especially since moving to Southern California), but it’s gorgeous and is one of my most favorite purchases. I also spent a lot of time in Between the Sheets Loungewear, especially since I work from home, and my Blush Lingerie plush robe is perfect for everyday.

Are there any myths about buying lingerie you’d like to dispel?

One thing I’d like people to know is that it’s normal to wear a different size in different brands, styles, or even colors. There is no consistency in the lingerie industry, which can be frustrating, but the variation between brands also means more body types, sizes, and shapes can be accommodated. It’s totally fine to have to go up or down a size (or even two sizes!) if you’re trying new styles or labels. It’s not an issue with your body; it’s just a quirk of the industry.

If you could tell women one thing about lingerie, what would it be?

Wear what you love for yourself. Don’t feel like you have to follow trends or pay attention to guides that tell you what’s most “flattering” for your body. Just wear what you want. That doesn’t mean your lingerie has to be sexy or expensive or ultra glamorous, but whatever you wear should help make you feel like the best version of yourself.


Cora Harrington in the OuiHours

“For me, the ‘oui hours’ is all about comfortable loungewear – decadent silks, gorgeous laces, rich colors, and vibrant patterns. There’s nothing better than coming home, after a long day of work or running errands, and slipping into something that helps you feel relaxed and serene.”