#Opendrawer: Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon

#Opendrawer: Kelly Bensimon

OuiHours asks Kelly to open her drawer and then discuss what goes in it.

  • Photography by Kelly Bensimon
  • Story by Hannah Orenstein
  • Exclusive for oui hours gmt

Kelly Bensimon


Kelly Killoren Bensimon, author of “I Can Make You Hot,” editor, television star, model and muse for Crafting Beauty’s first candle, Baiser ROSE.


“I learned about beautiful bras and panties from modeling in Paris. When I was 19, a stylist from French Elle told me that a woman is dressed only when she wears nice underwear. Azzedine Alaia always taught me to wear super-supportive bras – even if they’re more functional and less seductive — when I needed it (like when wearing a dress), but for a T-shirt, a sexy bra is hot. I always wear colorful bras under my white tees. Lingerie makes me feel beautiful even when I’m not feeling beautiful.”


My nude bras, even though they are nude, are demi cups. Here’s what I think when I look at my nude bras: KISS. (Keep It Sexy, Stupid.)


My black bras are for my everyday fun days.


My colorful lingerie is to add some color to my day; life is stressful, but my panties are spirited.


I’m a panty hunter, I love to seek out fun panties like these…..


Calvin Klein white cottons are some of my favorites: boyishly charming.


Some say match your fingers to your toes, but I’d rather have clear nails and fun panties!


Being feminine is an integral part of who I am.


Cosabellas are my favorite. I love the color and sophisticated lace.


I’m a nice, proper panty girl. I keep it chic, not trashy.