Rachel Lynch

Rachel Lynch

Oui Women

  • Photographer: Kyle Dunn
  • Exclusive for oui hours gmt

I love a strong garter, it makes a
woman feel so powerful.

You have a particular look. Did anyone inspire it?
Not at all, I think it’s something I created myself, over time.

You are from Chicago. What was the dream that brought you to nyc?
I wanted to live in New York since my first trip here when I was 11. My dad took me on a special daddy/daughter trip, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton, saw the Lion King on Broadway and he bought me my first diamond necklace at Tiffany’s. We drove everywhere in a limo and ate the most delicious chocolate chip cookies from room service. Needless to say, I thought New York was just the greatest place.

What do you look for in lingerie?
Creativity in the design, structure and sexiness.

Do you buy it for you….or him?
Always for myself, I wear lingerie in my room just dancing to music or sipping coffee in the morning working from home. It’s always for me, never him/her.

Does certain lingerie make you feel more empowered?
Yes. Thigh-highs always make me feel like an alien superhero that can take over the world, same with garters I think. I love a strong garter, it makes a women feel so powerful.

How did you get into modeling?
I was sixteen, traveling back and forth between LA because my first boyfriend lived there. I was lucky enough to get the attention of some really big photographers at the time. I worked with wonderful talent from a young age. They really inspired my blog and made it what it is now. It’s not mindless photos selling product, it’s sexy photos with a story to tell.

Career plans?
Doing my blog, telling stories for now. Being a fashion icon/alien/muse. In the future, I see a book and perhaps a lingerie line of my own. xo