Sweet Sweet Jasmine Lobe

Sweet Sweet Jasmine Lobe

She looks like luscious frosting but there is more to JL than meets the eye. Her incisive Observer J-Spot column attests to that. Here Jasmine relaxes wearing some sweet intimate confections, a perfect recipe for The OuiHours.

  • Interview By Jan Reisen · Exclusive for OuiHours GMT
  • Photographer: Emily Soto · @emilysoto
  • Stylist: Andrew Gelwicks . @andrewgelwicks
  • Makeup: Aliana Lopez
  • Hair: Andre Rodman





Her Picks

How did you get the gig writing the sex column for the Observer?

I was an actress in Hollywood trying out for roles like “ditzy blonde in pushup bra”. It was a very misogynistic environment which was a quite the shock after all my feminist theory courses at Vassar.  I’d go to these Hollywood parties and meet these producers who took advantage of their power.  I saw all these crazy things, and in order to stay sane and to feel my own humanity, I would write.  At first it was just for myself, (although I’d read some of the more tame pieces over the phone to my mother) but then I started writing a column called Star*cked for New York Natives. After about six months, a friend of mine thought there was something there and passed it along to the editor- in-chief of the Observer. Next thing I knew I’d inherited Candace Bushnell’s “Sex and the City” column.  I called it “the J-spot” and it’s been such a blast!

Has the job improved your sex life?

I think I have more respect for sex now.  I honor my feelings more and I’ve discovered casual sex no longer works for me. I’m not sure if it ever did really, but I’d bounce back and tell myself it was all good and cool. But now, for me, intimacy is where it’s at. I think the writing helped me discover that.  I was writing so much about longing and disconnect.  After a while, I was like I think I want to start writing more about connection and love.  Maybe I had to see it on the page to realize that.

Do men gift you lingerie? Maybe on Valentine’s Day?

Not enough! Should I write down my address below? Just Kidding:) I think it’s a great Valentine’s Day present!

What do you like in the Ouihours?

I like making out  on a warm summer night, writing about making out on warm summer night while listing to music, shimmying at the club with girlfriends, or ZZZZZZZZing