Trouble with the Curve

Trouble with the Curve

Here's some fashionable, form fitting lingerie ideas to keep you truly waisted. Try one of these most flattering pieces's a cinch!

  • Art by Ruth Marten
  • Story by Emily L. Friendship
  • Exclusive for oui hours gmt

From Ancient Greek philosophers to the millennial generation of programmers, it is suggested that beauty is quantifiable in terms of mathematical proportions. But in a world where proportions may be manipulated and flawlessness, imitated, perfection is the new black. And in pursuit of it, women have proved they will stop at nothing.

Over the years I’ve dedicated (much) time and (so much) money to the fight for physical faultlessness. My goal? Outsmart the algorithms, and outfox those who would suggest I’m asymmetrical and imperfect. There are those who can grow eight feet, all by themselves, and some for whom the gym is just a great place to sauna. This breed of human may continue to fill their wardrobes with ugly shoes, and their bras with nothing but breast, because they are the chosen ones. But for the rest of us who’ve had to synch, pinch and push our way to perfection, may I present to you the new weapons of mass reduction:

World-renowned shapewear brand, Cass and Co. is one of the best selling lines in the business. The thoughtfully designed, intelligently engineered undergarments have been slimming, smoothing and shaping women for over a decade, and the brand continues to stay well ahead of the curve.

While other underwear manufacturers fall short, giving rise to the muffin top and unsightly thigh bulge, Cass & Co.’s Invisibellas collection promises to deliver clean lines, superior style, and unrivalled support coupled with exceptional comfort, using an assortment of fine fabrics and patented stitching techniques.

My favorite? The Invisibellas Shaping Skinny Dress Slip. It’s the James Bond Wrist-Mounted Dart Gun of secret shaping-weapons, the Auguste Rodin of silk sculptors, yet I find it as comfortable as a Sunday afternoon.
The Skinny Dress is the perfect foundation for the figure-hugging floor-length gown, and fits comfortably and invisibly under the ubiquitous LBD. Whatever the occasion, Cass & Co. has you covered.

Relative newcomer to the scene, Body Hush represents the next generation of contour control, and is already one of the most popular lines of lingerie designed specifically for the purpose of figure sculpting. The brand promises to deliver an ultimate performance shapewear line, which meets the needs of the 21st Century woman, without compromising on comfort and sensuality.

Designed for those to whom shapewear-shame is a way of the past, Body Hush provides unparalleled support coupled with sophisticated yet sensual style, the likes of which warrant their very own showcase. Highly technical in makeup yet glamorous in appearance, the Sensual Slimming Camisole looks as good on the outside as it works on the inside. And the design of Body Hush’s signature Slimmie Panty is so well thought through, it is wearable, while supremely effective.

So whatever your age or body type, the routine or occasion, Body Hush and its team of shapers are ready to support you.

Founded in 1979, Va Bien is the lovechild of Richard and Marianne Gimble. For almost half a century, the creators of this luxury line of lingerie have been artfully sculpting the natural female form, and breaking ground in the shapewear arena with their innovative designs, versatility and performance.

Today, Richard and Marianne’s son, Gregory, assumes the creative direction and design of the brand. But the collections remain faithful to its rich traditions and contemporary-French roots, in uniting corsetry design expertise, with a refined sense of style.

Va Bien is sold in over 30 countries worldwide. And continues to design the foundation for some of life’s most memorable moments.

Inspired by the goddesses of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dirty Dolls is the brainchild of fashion designers, Courtney Leigh Newman and Erica Rosalind Paul, whose mission it is to inject a whisper of glamour into the everyday. Discouraged by the lack of form fitting, fashionably sexy undergarments for the fuller-figured woman, Courtney and Erica set about redesigning the way we look at curves, by embracing their greatness while supporting their needs.

After years spent juggling jobs, forecasting figures and bringing to life a whole new world of lingerie, the women unleashed their creation in late 2008. The Dirty Dolls collection of curve couture successfully delivered on its promise, in bringing back some glamour to the game and was received with instant acclamation.