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Girl Talk


Brits: Stylist supreme Savannah Baker chats to bestie photographer/director Charlotte Rutherford all about what it takes to succeed in the tumultuous and fickle world of fashion and photography. They are part of the next wave of the TT's - Truly Talented.



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Go Ibiza style!

(1.09 min)


OuiHours world traveler Gian Luca Fellini stops in Ibiza, where the hottest crowd cools off, to record the lingerie looks most in demand by those in the know.

Sizzling lingerie from Paris

(1.3 min)


The best in French lingerie? Director Gian Luca Fellini takes a night ride in Paris with two women who know the answer.

Runaway Bride

(3 min)

By Josh Holz

Our country girl. Is she dreaming of marriage or running away from it? Copy: The Country girl. Josh Holz directs a short take on OH's very independent country girl.  Shot on the Holz farm in upstate New York,  our bride's indecision is captured by the tune  I'm just A girl sung by the late, great, bawdy singer Sophie Tucker.


(1.2 min)


In Marrakesh, Director Gian Luca Fellini, captures the essence of the exotic and sensual in a hot OuiHours minute. Wearing Les Jupon de Tess's front tie bralette and side bow bikini we catch glimpses of a beautiful woman's dreamy Moroccan journey.


(1.16 min)

By ​Marisa Crawford

​Showtime! Dress up dreams are made of this...Cherish demi bra, thong and garter. Director Marisa Crawford explores a young woman's fantasy of glamour and bright lights all in good fun.
Dress up.

Made With Love

(1.02 min)

By Gianluca Fellini

You knead to see Gian Luca Fellini's sexy video. Shot in a family Italian bakery in Rimini, the director shows how bread should be both shaked and baked.

Intimates Interview: Luis Sanchis

(3.3 min)

By Jill Selsman

How does he capture his unique sexy images?  He explains.

Hair apparent

(1.56 min)

By Jill Selsman

No one is ahead of Kenshin Asano when it comes to wigs.

Victoria Bartlett

(4.09 min)

By Jill Selsman

Lingerie Queen. Victoria Bartlett is lingerie royalty. Here's the expert designer's view on her designs and career. She reigns.

Spotlight: Fleur Du Mal

(1.11 min)

By Gian Luca Fellini

Director Gian Luca Fellini (yes, that Fellini family) goes above and below the waters off the Dominican Republic to reel in the catch of the day:  Fleur du Mal's sexy and superb Oleander Lace bottom.  Great on land, too.

The Australians

(2.2 min)

By Andrew Marich

OuiHours traveled to Sydney for a special photo shoot down under.   We then listened to famed photographer Paul Westlake and his coveted team discuss what Australians look for in lingerie and the models who show it off.

Spotlight: Kiss Kill

(1.36 min)

By Sydney's Siren

Cheyenne Tozzi knows lingerie. One of the top lingerie models in the world now brings a unique design perspective to her own new line of intimates + she rocks!

How-To Pick Your Panties

(1.05 min)

By Jill Selsman

In today's intimates market there is an endless supply of options. Knowing how to select the right underwear can be a daunting task. Follow these simple guidelines to help you pick your panties.

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