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    "12 Lingerie Sets Perfect For Your Spring Fling"

    "8 Subtly Sexy Lingerie Brands to Put On Your Radar"

    "How to Wear Fall’s Hottest Accessory, the Corset Belte"

    "Brides Magazine Feature: A Sexier Registry"

    "The 20 Best Lingerie Boutiques to Shop Online"

    Lingerie shopping doesn't have to be a hellish experience with high school girls pushing push-up bras at the mall or lifer department store saleswomen with measuring tapes and dated taste. No, not when we have the internet, which is full of ways to find your perfect fit, both physically and stylistically.

    "Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter's Post-Retirement Life Sounds Amazing"

    You know 25-year-old supermodel Hannah Davis for her S.I. swimsuit cover, co-starring in those DirecTV ads with the talking horse, and easing fiancé Derek Jeter into post-Yankees life. Come take a tour of Davis's island home and you’ll make quick sense of why we haven’t heard rumblings of a baseball comeback from "Numbuh 2

    "12 Eye Masks to Sweeten Your Dreams…& Otherwise"

    Does anyone else feel the eye mask is highly underrated? We did, which is why we’ve rounded up 12 cheeky options to sweeten your dreams…and otherwise. From Alessandra Mackenzie’s cool bluestone silk charmeuse mask for bedtime to Luz de la Riva’s Swarovski crystal embellished blindfold for playtime, we can bet you’ll be keeping your eyes wide shut wherever the night takes you.

    "The Undying Sex Appeal of Stay-Ups"

    Oui Hours Nevaeh intimates flutter tap pant.

    "Why French Girl Style Still Reigns, Even on July Fourth Weekend"

    The whole concept of dressing/eating/child-rearing/what-have-you "like a French girl" has caught a fair amount of flak recently. Lynn Yaeger even made the case for not gravitating to that now-cliché, effortless je ne sais quoi: "Will you ever stop wondering how it is that a Parisienne is able to sail into Monoprix, drop 100 euro," she questions, "and emerge looking like Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour?" No, Lynn, no, we won’t stop wondering! We’re screenshotting her as we speak and putting it in a folder titled "French Girl Style Inspo."

    "E-Commerce Is All Grown Up And Moving On"

    E-commerce obstacles are falling just as the second wave of digital natives is getting their hands on credit cards and debit cards and exercising their newfound online purchasing power. The rise of everything being offered as a service, or available by delivery, helps. As does the fact that e-commerce has gone mobile, moving into social, picture, video and streaming platforms. From Twitter and Snapchat to Pinterest, Periscope and Meerkat, we are seeing a broad array of communication systems embrace mobile commerce opportunities.

    "OuiHours-Fashion Lingerie Magazine and Boutique"

    OuiHours, an online magazine and e-commerce site devoted entirely to lingerie. It comes from creative director Marc Balet and fashion insider Bonnie Pressman, who felt that modern culture needed a place where people could become intimately involved with intimates.

    "OuiHours is the first brand with good fashion packaging."

    OuiHours is thrilled to be called out for great fashion packaging. The OH user experience must filter down from the web to what is in hand. Wonderful that we are commended for doing just that.

    Oui, oui! Why two dudes started an upscale lingerie site

    Two years ago, Alex Dulac went lingerie shopping for his girlfriend, and struck out at six downtown shops. "I couldn’t tell the difference between any of the pieces," says Dulac, 36, who worked at a fashion startup. "And I was also looking to find a more niche designer." At a department store, he finally unearthed a bra, panties and robe from the NY-based label Araks. "I knew it would deliver," he says, and yes, his beloved loved her unmentionables. Dulac had an "aha" moment. In November, he and pal Marc Balet, former creative director for Interview magazine, formed OuiHours, an online magazine and shopping guide featuring titillating photos and more than 60 brands of lingerie, including Cosabella and Kiki de Montparnasse.

    The New Lingerie Company You Need to Know About

    Whether you're a lingerie lover who wants to shop for unmentionables from home or are dropping hints to your significant other for a sexy-yet-sophisticated gift, OuiHours is for you. The site is part online magazine, part shopping catalog, highlighted by stunning images from photographers like Bruce Weber and David LaChappelle along with beautifully produced print and video editorials that contain shoppable links to all the pieces featured. Co-founded by former Interview creative director (and Andy Warhol cohort) Marc Balet and former Theory and Barneys exec Bonnie Pressman, the carefully curated site sells lingerie by Kiki de Montparnasse and Stella McCartney, as well as lesser-known brands like Samantha Chang and Kisskill. And the finishing touch? Each order comes wrapped in a signature box that opens like a dresser drawer.

    Halle Berry, Debi Mazar, David LaChapelle & Fab Freddy's Lingerie Lust? Stars Say Yes To OuiHours Online Fashion Destination

    If you haven't discovered the sexiest site for shopping these days, you're in for an eye-opening experience at Ouihours. The hottest new lingerie website (translation: "the yes hours," those moments when you just can't resist) has all the excitement of the edgiest magazines with photographers like Paul Westlake, Bruce Weber and David LaChapelle, layered with exclusive lingerie brands from around the world including Curriculum Vitae, Kiki de Montparnasse and KissKill. Yet, it's more immediate, more interactive and way more satisfying!

    OuiHours' Intimate E-commerce Stance

    VISITORS TO OuiHours' cavernous SoHo offices can't help but look around at the Warholian artwork, hand-carved furniture and a wall covered with hundreds of snapshots, many of which were taken in the wee hours of the night. The power of photography, and imagery as a whole, is something that cofounder Marc Balet first grasped working for Andy Warhol as Interview magazine's creative director. OuiHours' head merchant Bonnie Pressman needed no convincing, having helped to visualize a more irreverent Manhattan during her tenure at Barneys New York and, more recently, as an in-the-know consultant. The duo, along with president and chief executive officer Alex Dulac, have launched the editorially focused lingerie Web site OuiHours with e-commerce to follow Jan. 1.

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